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Journey of a Diamond


Journey of Diamond




Join Cullinan Tourism and History on its famous ‘Journey of a Diamond’. Sit back and relax as an experienced tour guide takes you through the surface workings of the world famous Cullinan Diamond Mine.




The tour will start at the offices of Cullinan Tourism and History, situated in Historic Oak Ave. The tour starts in the History room with a short lecture on how the mine and the village was started almost 116 years ago. You will then board a comfortable game viewing vehicle and start with the "Journey of a Diamond". You are welcome to ask your tour guide any questions regarding the mine workings.




We start by driving down Oak Ave. lined by 1905 buildings and onto the mine now well over 100 years old. Once through the mine entrance, the tour will proceed past the Training Center where you will also see a mock-up tunnel to give you an idea of how it looks underground. We then proceed to number 1 Shaft. No.1 shaft was sunk in 1945 when the mine was re-opened towards the end of the Second World War. No. shaft hauls the diamond bearing ground called Kimberlite from the bowels of the mine workings. From the shafts the tour proceeds to the massive “big hole”, this hole, which is 4 times bigger than Kimberley’s was abandoned in 1932 when the mine closed.




From this hole, which is 1km long and the underground workings situated directly underneath, nearly 150 million carats (30 tonnes) of diamonds have been recovered since 1903. Many of these have been cut into world famous gemstones, the largest of these and the largest gem stone ever found, the Cullinan Diamond was found only a few meters from the rim of the big hole, the exact spot of where it was found will pointed out to you.




The tour will then proceed through the plant workings, most of which was built in 1945 when the mine re-opened although some of the original buildings dating back to 1905 still exist, and from there to the top of the massive dumps of waste material (360 million tons) mined from 1903. From the top of these dumps Pretoria can be seen. Proceeding back through the plant, the new optical sort plant built to extract diamonds from the waste material will be pointed out and the process of recovering these “lost” diamonds will be explained to you.




The tour lasts about  1½ hours and all you have to do is to get on to the vehicle and enjoy the tour.All ages are welcome cameras are allowed.