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Underground Mine Tours Cullinan

Underground Tour of the Famous Cullinan Diamond Mine.

Opened in 1903 the famous Cullinan Mine went underground in 1945 when the mine was re-opened. Recently the mine started a programme to increase the depth of the mine to 1000 metres, at present the mine production level is 763metres. With the increase in depth it is expected that the mine will continue production for many years to come. The mine still produces the world’s biggest gem quality diamonds and is the only source of the rare type 2D diamond which is vivid blue in colour. Over 25% of the world’s biggest gem stones still come from this grand old lady of diamond mines.

Cullinan Tourism and History invite you to join them in a tour of the underground workings of this historic mine, the tour is exclusive to CTH and is the only one of its kind in the world, nowhere else will you be able to see the Kimberlite (the diamond bearing ground) with its priceless cargo of diamonds being mined. A truly memorable experience.

The tour lasts for 4½ hours and you will be required to change into full protective clothing as worn by all of the diamond workers underground. You will also receive a short training on the self-rescue pack which you will also be required to wear underground as well as your battery pack to light your very own cap mounted light.

Fully equipped changing rooms are provided at CTH and you will transported from there to the mine lamp room, after which you will journey to the bottom of the mine in a man riding cage (elevator) and tour the workings of the mine. Photographs are permitted but no cell phones, which wouldn’t work in any case. To lock up your valuable’s whilst on tour a safe at CTH is available.

The tour is truly a “Tour with a Difference”



                                               A tour group inside the man-riding cage




                                             Out of the cage and into the underground tunnels



                              A short lecture from the guide before entering the workings





            And again before entering the where the diamond ground is recovered



                                                   Recovering Kimberlite